About Us

Metroline has been the leading manufacturer in premium dart cases for over 10 years. We take pride in the quality, design selection, and color options of our American Made Cases. We listen to our customers and manufacture cases to match the shafts, flights, and tips, used by all dart shooters. Whether you’re a recreational shooter or a top tournament pro, you can trust that your darts will be protected and organized in a handmade Metroline case. If you have feedback regarding your experiences with Metroline cases, or have ideas for case innovations and improvements, please contact us

Metroline is a division of Midwest Textile Mfg. Corp (MTM). Located just outside of Green Bay, in Suamico, WI, MTM has been sewing in the tradition of excellence since 1947. Specializing in contract sewing, MTM emphasizes superb craftsmanship with quality material for long lasting durability.